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Don't Say Gay! GAY GAY GAY GAY There I Said It!

Why are we so obsessed with what's going on in someone else’s bedroom? How perverse are we as a society, that we are obsessed with what two adults are doing with their own genitals? Does anyone have an answer to this? There's a reason they're called private parts, private lives, private relationships.

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Children are NOT resilient

Children are not resilient, and we need to stop saying and believing that. Let's look at the dictionary definition of resilient. According to the dictionary, resilient means able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

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Childhood Violence

What causes violence in children and teens? Violence toward children and teens. It seems too simple, there must be another explanation, I hear so many so-called professionals say. Even resorting to labeling the behavior as “mental illness” In some ways it is mental illness, but as a child abuse and child trafficking survivor who became a “violent” child. I'm here to tell you, it all comes down to being surrounded by harmful or incompetent adults, or both.

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The Fussy Librarian

When you get your first book traditionally published it's a thrilling event. Even with all the work that as gone into marketing and promotion, it's still been exciting, dare I say fun. One of the things I did to help promote my debut novel was contact newspapers, multiple marketing websites such as Ereader, Awesome Books, The Fussy Librarian, etc.

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Welcome to Our New Home!

We're proud to release our new and improved blog where you can learn about our missions, and hear about our projects, creations, thoughts and stories.

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Making Outlaws of the Vulnerable

As New York residents, most if not all of us spend too many hours a week on the train. For those of us who moved from cities where the traffic was unbearable but a personal car was the only option, the subway can be great. It's fast, it's efficient, you don't have to fight traffic, you're warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

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