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Don't Say Gay! GAY GAY GAY GAY There I Said It!

Published on 19 September 2022 at 10:00

Why are we so obsessed with what's going on in someone else’s bedroom? How perverse are we as a society, that we are obsessed with what two adults are doing with their own genitals? Does anyone have an answer to this? There's a reason they're called private parts, private lives, private relationships.


This is one of those things that makes me extremely angry. In high school, one of my dearest friends received death threats for being trans, someone even went so far as to put a bomb in his mailbox. Fortunately, the person was as idiotic as his opinion indicated and my friend was unharmed. Still, at the time, the police did nothing, even though tampering with mail or a mailbox is a federal crime.


Another dear friend received death threats from her own parents because she was lesbian. Fast forward a few years, a close friend was ostracized by his entire family for being gay and made to eat off of disposable dishes with disposable utensils, required to pack said items into a plastic bag and dispose of them in another location far from the family home for fear homosexuality might be contagious.


The ignorance is unbearable.


A few of my friends have been victims, and did not survive the threats and attacks on their lives. Today, north of Central Park transgender men are murdered frequently and the NYPD does little to nothing about it. (They'd rather harass buskers and stile jumpers)


It hit me so hard this morning when I saw the report on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis banning the use of the word “gay” in schools. This man is a bumbling idiot to begin with, did we miss what he did during COVID and how many citizens and tourists died because of his stupidity?


Now, I for one, believe that equal means equal...for all people, not just religious zealots. (Let's remember what religious zeal causes, murder, attempted murder, oppression, slavery all in the name of the prophet or the Christ, or who ever weak-minded cult followers are kowtowing to).


No child younger than junior high needs any sort of sex-ed class. But young children do need to understand families look different. That doesn't make any of them invalid.


The new law states that you can't talk about gender identity and orientation in grades K-3. Why? So, you're a lesbian teacher who isn't allowed to say something about her wife or her children? What then, do you say to a child whose parents are as homophobic as DeSantis? How do you explain that all families look different, not just in ethnicity, religion or blended families but in gender orientation too. What then, do you say to a child whose parents are homophobic, and they child is brainwashed to believe, men can't marry men, women can't marry women? Why would you teach them that people born biologically male are not allowed to wear a dress, skirt, or makeup? Did we forget so quickly that there was a time when biological females were beaten, arrested and even murdered for wearing pants?


You don't have to get into specifics, because that's private and inappropriate. But there is NOTHING wrong with explaining to a child that all families are composed differently, all people feel and think differently. Just like songs, they are beautiful in their uniqueness.


I promise you Ron, gay isn't contagious. I have had multiple friendships with LGBTQ people over my lifetime and I haven't caught it once!

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